TransKit Company. Automatic transmissions spare parts. Russia


TransKit Company, Moscow, specializes in wholesale distribution of automatic transmission parts. Our main customers are multiple car services from Moscow and from other regions of Russia. Wide coverage of regions assures constant demand for products we supply.

There is also another positive feature of our company. We do not stick with particular brands. Instead we offer a variety of parts for transmissions from as many manufacturers as we can.

Our company is looking for new cooperation partners – wholesale suppliers of automatic transmission parts for any automotive brand of European, American or Asian origin.

We strive to establish long-term and mutually profitable relationships with all our partners. We guarantee our adherence to all future agreements.

TransKit Company can offer you advantageous terms of cooperation. A cooperation that will definitely lead both of our companies to the new heights of commercial success.

In short, partnering with TransKit Company means:

  • new openings for your business;
  • the wide new market – all the regions of Russia;
  • well-developed logistics – simple but effective scheme of trouble-proof shipping;
  • reliability, stability, and certainty;
  • promptness and strict adherence to all agreements;
  • advantageous terms of cooperation and increase your profits

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